Into colourful Russia: look at the Tsar's past, listen to the Soviet Union's story!

Russian culture has a long history, beginning with the adoption of the Orthodox Church by the Byzantine Empire, the Byzantine and Slavic culture for thousands of years, and becoming a Russian culture of today. Let us follow Professor Li Liang Yi's footsteps, see the scenery, listen to stories, understand Russian history and recognize Russian culture. Then you can enjoy the wonderful pictures of Russia, listen to Professor Li Liang Yi to share the history of Russia, culture and celebrity anecdotes, etc., we can also win beautiful gifts. The seminar invited Russian tourism expert Mr Artem Golovachuk (Russians) to participate in talk. The lecture was presided over by Li Ye Ming, editor in chief of the essay Nanyang Net. Held in Singapore's famous annual activity center "into Russia - look at the Tsar's past, listen to the story of the Soviet Union," the tourism culture seminar. Is packed, more than 200 seats filled, and even some stood. Rave reviews, audiences tell them about the history, culture, art and celebrity anecdotes of the former Soviet Union and Russia. And bring you across 8000 kilometers of the great Siberian Railway.... Thank you once again for hosting Ye Ming, especially for the presence of everyone.

30/01/2018 11:42