13D The Amazing of Silk Road Tour


Tour Code: CNSR12

**No Shopping Tour**
★ The group will be led by Prof.Li Liangyi – the Champion of China’s Top 10 Tour Guides, an outstanding expert of the Silk Road. He is also the director of China Express Travel Pte Ltd. (Selected Date Only)
★ We specially arrange the most popular scenic area of Silk Road - Xiahe and Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.
★ Enjoy VVIP treatment, and the special train waiting for you at each railway station all the way.
★ Enjoy the best service for 1 night on the train, and the remaining journey nights will be in the local hotel accommodation at the designated destination.
★ Your luggage will be carried by the porter all the way during the train and coach trips (except at airport check-in), most ideal trip for both the young and the elderly.
★ Chinese food will be served. Free beverages and fruits are provided. 1 bottle of free mineral water will be provided every day.
★ Accompany by our bilingual professional and knowledgeable tour guides.
★ During the trip, experts and scholars were invited to explain 《China Tourism and Chinese Culture》.
★ We have a smooth operating system with our business partners worldwide. We guarantee to provide our best service to all clients. You will definitely have a memorable and wonderful trip.

  • We are the exclusive agent to operate the Silk Road Express Train. Since 1993, more than 60,000 Singaporean tourists have joined our Silk Road by the Silk Road Express. It covers more than 2% of the total Singapore populations. We have won a good reputation because of our excellent service. Mr. Li Liangyi holds the record of traveling more than 270 times on the Silk Road.
  • We have good connections with local travel agencies and hotels, and excellent services are guaranteed.
✔ Zhangye: Zhangye Danxia Landform;
✔ Jiuquan: JIuquan Garden, Silk Road Tianbao Scenic Area;
✔ Jiayuguan: The Jiayuguan Fortress, The Great Wall Museum;
✔ Dunhuang: Mingsha Hill, Crescent Moon Spring, UNESCO Heritage Mogao Grottoes, Yangguan Pass, YuMen Pass;
✔ Turpan: Jiaohe Ancient City, Kan’er Jin, Flaming Mountain;
✔ Urumqi: Tianshan Tianchi, Kanas Scenic Area, Fire Mountain…

10 Nights Hotel; to experience 1 Night stay overnight in the New Launch Grand Luxury Express Train cabin.

SGD120 person / whole trip will be given to the guide, driver, tour leader, train staff and hotel baggage staff for the service.

  • Full Package includes air tickets (International), transportation fees, hotel accommodations, meals and sightseeing’s are specified in the itinerary and China group travel insurance.
  • Prices do not include airport taxes, visa application and service fees, excess baggage charges, personal insurance, tipping, optional tours, personal expenses and all others not stated in the itinerary. Admission and entrance ticket will be included when specified.
  • Land Package includes all of the above except air tickets.

Indonesia:Yes Malaysian:Yes Chinese:No Singaporean:No
*Please note that the above visa information should be used as a reference without warranties.

  1. In the unpredictable changes in the situation before or during the journey, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the trip, the Company and the domestic reception travel agency have the right to modify the itinerary according to the actual situation. If you withdraw or change your itinerary, the tour fare will not be refunded or compensated. The sudden increase in fees is not included in this offer.
  2. Tour subject to confirmation.
  3. Taxes / Flight schedule subject to change.
  4. The actual sequence of the itinerary is subject to change without prior notice.
  5. All bookings require a minimum deposit of $500-$1000 per person (depending on destination).
  6. China Express Travel recommends you to buy travel insurance for your travel to ensure coverage.
  7. All extensions and deviations are strictly on request and are subject to seat availability, airline rules, and regulations.
  8. Should there be an event of any discrepancies, prices at our retail counters will be taken as the final rate.
  9. For further inquiries on your travel programs, please contact our retail tour consultants at 65320532 during office hours, or please click the WHATAPPS link, for more details & information. ContactUsOnWhatsApp, or visit us at Blk531 Upper Cross Street #04-35/36 Hong Lim Complex S050531 for any tour assistance required.
  10. In the event of a discrepancy between Chinese and English itineraries, refer to the Chinese version.

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★ 由著名的丝绸之路专家李良义董事长亲自带队(指定日期)。
★ 全程以VIP 接待,“豪华旅游专列”,专车专用,每到一处,火车在月台上停留等候。
★ 专列上每人所睡的软卧包房,全程不会变换。一路贵宾享受,免提大件行李。
★ 在“环西部旅游专列”上高级舒适的软卧包厢中渡过1 个美好的夜晚, 其余均在当地豪华酒店住宿。
★ 沿途豪华旅游车,以车代步,轻松写意,老少皆宜。
★ 丝路沿线各地膳食一流,如遇特殊要求,可以没有牛、羊肉。免费酒水、每天赠送矿泉水。
★ 双语导游,知识丰富,业务精通,服务周到,待客热情,深受好评。
★ 在旅途中特聘专家学者讲解《中国旅游与中国旅游文化》。
★ 凡是参加我公司的客人,定会让大家高兴而去,满意而归。

我公司独家代理“环西部旅游专列”,从1993 年至今约有80,000 位新加坡游客(约占全国实际人口的2%)和我们一起畅游丝绸之路全程,堪称之最,品质保证,有口皆碑,好评如潮;丝绸之路专家李良义先生已去过中国西北各地300 次之多,可谓冠。因为专业, 所以最好;优质优价, 信誉卓著。我公司独家专营丝绸之路,历史悠久,经验丰富,有多位丝路行家。我们与中国大西北的各级政府部门和酒店、车队,及当地实力最强的旅行社都有着非常良好的业务关系。

✔ 张掖:七彩丹霞;
✔ 酒泉:西汉胜迹——酒泉公园,丝路天宝大景区;
✔ 嘉峪关:嘉峪关城楼,长城博物馆;
✔ 敦煌:鸣沙山,月牙泉,敦煌莫高窟(世界级文化遗产),阳关,玉门关;
✔ 吐鲁番:交河故城,坎儿井,火焰山,达坂城(最大的风力发电群);
✔ 北疆:天山天池,喀纳斯,月亮湾,神仙湾,卧龙湾,观鱼亭,火烧山。。。

10 晚当地酒店;体验1晚新型豪华西部专列(兰州==张掖)。

全程新币120/人 将提供给导游、司机、领队、专列服务人员、酒店行李生的服务小费。

  • 旅游配套包括:机票(国际),中国国内交通费,中国团队旅游保险,酒店住宿,指定餐饮和指定观光景点门票。
  • 旅游配套不包括:机场税,中国签证申请,服务费,行李超重费,个人旅游保险,小费,附加景点,个人开支以及行程中未说明的所有其他费用。
  • 地接套餐包括:酒店住宿,餐饮和观光景点活动(如有包含门票,将特别注明),除了机票。

印度尼西亚护照:需要 马来西亚护照:需要 中国护照:不需要 新加坡护照:不需要

  1. 在启程前或旅程中,如出现不可预测的情况变化,为保障行程顺利进行,本公司及国内接待旅行车有权根据实际情况对行程予以相应的修改。中途退出或自行更改行程的客人,团费概不退回或赔偿。突发性增加的费用不在此报价中。
  2. 出发团队需要进一步确认。
  3. 机场税/航班时间表可能会有变化。
  4. 行程的实际顺序如有变更,恕不另行通知。
  5. 所有配套预定都需要每人支付最少SGD500至SGD1000的押金(视目的地而定)。
  6. 华运旅游建议您为旅行购买旅游保险以确保得到保障。
  7. 所有延住按要求提供,并受座位限制,航空公司规则和法规的约束。
  8. 如果出现任何差异,我们零售柜台的价格将作为最终价格。
  9. 如需进一步了解您的旅行计划,请于办公时间内拨打6534 5228联系我们的旅游顾问,或请按此 WHATAPPS 链接,以获取更多相关详情和资料。 ContactUsOnWhatsApp。或者亲临Blk531 Upper Cross Street#04-35/36 Hong Lim Complex S050531,以获取所需的旅游帮助。
  10. 如果中英文行程有差异,请参阅中文版。

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Please download the PDF below.
Package Type
No. of Room
Room 1
12yr & above Adult
w/bed Child 2-11yrs w/o bed
Below 2yrs Infant
Room 2
12yr & above Adult
w/bed Child 2-11yrs w/o bed
Below 2yrs Infant
Room 3
12yr & above Adult
w/bed Child 2-11yrs w/o bed
Below 2yrs Infant
Room 4
12yr & above Adult
w/bed Child 2-11yrs w/o bed
Below 2yrs Infant


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